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sarah palin owes hillary more than she thinks

We all know the Clinton spin by now — Hillary wasn’t deafeated by Barack Obama, but by sexism, particularly that demonstrated by the MSM. Ask for proof and you’ll get vague generalities that are usually out of context or inconsequential.

But that doesn’t matter, not when the Clintons drill a meme into the ground. Trust the MSM to cower, as it always does when accused of an -ism or -phobia.

How could the GOP not exploit this opening? In the coming months prepare to hear noted feminists like Sean Hannity allege sexism whenever criticism is leveled at Sarah Palin. 

Earlier today, Laura Bush fired a warning shot:

First lady Laura Bush said today that sexism aimed at Sarah Palin was a very real prospect and suggested Democrats watch what they say about the Alaska governor and John McCain’s ticketmate.

“The other side will have to be particularly careful,” Bush said in an interview on Fox News from St. Paul, “because that’s something we all looked at.”


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  1. Uh oh, Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is apparently five months pregnant. McCain says that he knew about this prior to his picking Palin for the GOP ticket. I seriously doubt that. What else don’t we (and the McCain campaign) know about Sarah Palin?

  2. Another rumor about the 17yo daughter? Baby, give her my number, heeey!

    I haven’t seen this story, but will look. Either way, I don’t think this reflects badly on the candidate. The other scandal alleged that Pailin’s daughter actually had the Down’s Syndrome baby. I believe this has been proven false, but not certain.

    If that one’s true, I think it makes Palin look good, protecting her daughter from scandal and taking responsibility for that child.

    Sounds like you’re a sexist! (kidding)

  3. Dude! It’s Sexyest, not sexist. Get it right next time. Btw, the Bravos got swept by the fucking Nats. I don’ t know how they did today against the Fish, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I really want to know anymore. Braves in ’09!?

  4. Gakk!! Sarah Palin love’s America so much she wanted to secede from it. McCain must have a serious case of mud-butt about his VP decision right about now.

    Also, regarding the whole Bristol pregnancy issue, the Palin family has released a statement saying that this is a private matter and the family should be left alone. I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is that the Republican Party and the fundamentalist christians do not listen to their own advice. According to the GOP, the government is the problem except when it is a useful tool for carrying out their agenda.

  5. Wow ATLPaddy that is almost as bad as going to Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, being best bud’s with a domestic terrorist or having Rezko help buy your house (ask Hillary about the last one) – what is McCain thinking?

  6. Wow Tom (Dan Me, is that your?), did you write that all by yourself or just cut and past accusations from WorldNetDaily? Hats off, sir!

  7. The problem is not that the governor/prospective VP has a pregnant teenage daughter. It’s the fact that the governor/VP hopeful is a holier-than-thou evangelical prig, whom, I’m sure if asked about the problem of teen pregnancy say, a year ago, would have responded with something like, “Well, we are Christians and as such don’t believe in premarital sex and we’ve raised our children to follow those family values.” And I just loved how upon the breaking of this story, Palin declared that her daughter would be marrying the teen father-to-be…as if that shotgun wedding will make it all okay. Allow me a tiny bit of schadenfreude, for I can’t help smiling when residents of the ivory tower are served up a steamin’ plate of reality.

  8. Atlpaddy you must get your brilliant thougths from DailyKos or the Huffington Post maybe just the MSM – it is all the same.

    Regardless you didn’t answer the question about Obama. He spent 20 years going to a church at one of the most hateful preachers in America. His close friend is a domestic terrorist. If this doesn’t concern you then I am concerned you will vote in the next election.

    Now I am going to get back to reading the Limbaugh Letter. You should check it out – you might learn something useful.

  9. “You must get your brilliant thougths from DailyKos or the Huffington Post maybe just the MSM – it is all the same.”

    Paranoia Will Destroy Ya. Try getting your head out of your ass Tom and taking a breath of fresh air.

  10. Barack was / is close to Bill Ayers – he should not be President of the United States. Defend it all you want, but that most certainly is not the type of leadership we need in America.

    I guess to make the left feel better, Hillary had 50 people close to her die mysteriously so in hindsight it is fine.

    Barack rules! I look forward to his leadership. As a community organizer, 143 days in the senate, supporting infanticide, supporting higher taxes just for fairness, Hollywood loves him, he is good looking and a great speaker – he has proven he has the stones to do it.

    It should be a fun and memorable 4 years. I can’t wait.

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