more proof that john edwards is a scumbag

Not that there’s insufficient evidence to convict, but this latest submission should make it unanimous:

Edwards is scheduled to speak at the University of Illinois’ Urbana campus in mid-October. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Edwards will rake in $65,000 for the chat. But the paper reports Edwards’ agent told a University official Edwards wants to book more engagements and charge more than the pre-Beverly Hilton rate.

In 2006, Edwards was paid a measly $55,000 to speak at UC Davis … on poverty.

Now the miserable cheat is seeking to profit from scandal, even though he still hasn’t been forthcoming about it.

the queer thought police

Stray from the Petty Queer Establishment orthodoxy and risk considerable retribution.

Because he donated money to John McCain, Manhunt co-founder Jonathan Crutchley was asked to step down from its board of directors. The site was targeted by professional boycotters while Crutchley was denounced as a traitor, or worse, by much of the gay blogosphere.

Granted, the GOP is far from queer-friendly, but let’s remember that Barack Obama is opposed to gay marriage. And is that the biggest issue anyway? (NO. Should blacks only vote for those who support affirmative action? Should Jews only vote for candidates who are rabidly pro-Israel? Should women only vote for abortion rights defenders?)

For gays, such rhetoricals are moot, as the chronically indignant gatekeepers of the PQE don’t like to be challenged.

Groupthink prevails again.

mccain’s hail mary

At least she’s not Mitt Romney.

Still, picking Sarah Palin is a desperate move, especially when you consider John McCain had only met her once before Saturday.

I wouldn’t underestimate Palin, nor would I overestimate her potential impact.
The election is Obama’s to lose. If it wasn’t, McCain wouldn’t have chosen an unknown he hardly knows.

Though if I were Obama, I wouldn’t be carping on Palin’s inexperience. Pot, have you met kettle?