does bush own a fiddle?

3 thoughts on “does bush own a fiddle?”

  1. Well we aren’t going to war with Russia, China buys our debt and keeps us going so the American consumer can continue to go deeper into debt buying goods made in China.

    Lebanon leads to Syria which leads to Iran and you know where we stand on that. It is not necessarily Bush, but the will of the American people.

    Plus where are the peaceniks – shouldn’t they be upset about Russias attack on Georgia – the not on our watch people.

    But they are the same types who trust AmiJihad over Bush anyway.

  2. There is one key difference: Putin was also hanging out in Beijing, and the two “met” after an official dinner of some sort. Regardless of Putin’s status in Russia (still the boss, IMO), such a meeting is better than usual.

    So, maybe Bush got a (Russian Orthodox) cross to take home as a souvenir.

    ic ATL: I’ve actually read a few posts by Socialist-types, which aim at Russia the sanctimony usually reserved for the U.S. It’s music to my ears.

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