no quarter

Let’s keep this simple for the let’s keep this simple crowd.

A bunch of partisan scolds are excoriating a highbrow publication for having the temerity to appeal to wannabe highbrows: “Dumb it down, New Yorker. Maybe to uh, I don’t know, Newsweek level. Thanks. It’s for their own good.”

Americans are children, you see. As for us adults, well, the children aren’t ready for bed yet, so we must keep it clean. And simple.

Why do we build monuments to Lincoln and Jefferson? Why not to the uneducated and dimwitted? They are the most noble of all creatures, or so we’re led to believe. Remember Hillary Clinton bragging about having the support of a majority of voters without college educations? As if that made them more respectable (that and the fact they live somewhere no one else wants to live).

I come from those people. They wish they had college degrees. Some didn’t get them because of laziness, others due to circumstances beyond their control. They’re good people, and while not quickest, they are not simpletons. They need not be patronized or shielded from the truth.

Hey, gotta run. A man’s getting hit in the groin by a football. Can’t miss that.

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