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never her fault

When the going gets desperate, the desperate blame the media. And their campaign strategists. And their opponent. And, of course, sexism.

Women felt this was their time, and this has been stolen from them,” said Marilu Sochor, 48, a real estate agent in Columbus, Ohio, and a Clinton supporter. “Sexism has played a really big role in the race.”

Entitled, just like her candidate. Where’s the evidence?

Mrs. Clinton’s supporters point to a nagging series of slights: the fixation on her clothes, even her cleavage; chronic criticism that her voice is shrill; calls for her to exit the race; and most of all, the male commentators in the news media who, they argue, were consistently tougher on her than on Mr. Obama

There was very little focus on her clothes, and fortunately I don’t remember any talk about her cleavage (cue Sideshow Bob shudder). Her voice is shrill, she should exit the race and she should be asked tough questions. Weak arguments, no case.

“When people look at the arc of the campaign, it will be seen that being a woman, in the end, was not a detriment and if anything it was a help to her,” the presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin said in an interview. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is faltering, she added, because of “strategic, tactical things that have nothing to do with her being a woman.”

If she wasn’t a woman, would she be getting away with such obvious bullshit?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is entering the Kentucky and Oregon primaries on Tuesday with one of the most pugnacious political messages of her campaign: That she is ahead in the national popular vote when all votes are counted, including from the unsanctioned primaries in Michigan and Florida, and that party leaders who have a vote as super-delegates should reflect this level of appeal.

This is exactly why she’s losing, and will lose. Now I see Loathsome Bill on TV playing the populist card, dismissing pundits who have dismissed his wife.

They don’t have to worry about filling up their gas tanks, he said, because they have a college degree and a job.

So do you, Bubba — maybe you should follow your own advice and shut up. And since you like hanging out with uneducated factory workers so much, why not move to Akron, or Allentown?

Just get off the stage already.


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