na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

It’s over. Regardless of how Clinton’s soulless sycophants spin it, she has no chance. The Grifters have finally been humbled, consigned to political irrelevance. Say hi to Mike Gravel.

And I assumed there was no karma in the political universe. Tonight is payback, for all their corruption, their arrogance, Paul Begala, Terry McAuliffe, that poem Maya Angelou recited at Bill’s first inaugural …

Speaking of cliches — has Hillary left one unspoken? Her Indiana strategy: No racing metaphor left behind. (You’re probably right to accuse me of employing cliche to mock Hillborg’s cliches.)

But hey, they worked on Hannity. Bush’s most compliant shill seemed downright despondent Tuesday night, making reference to Obama acquaintance William Ayers only 433 times, way below his usual quota.

The fat white guys really fear “Scary Black Man,” exploiting associations with Wright and Ayers to portray him as a Manchurian candidate (a preview of things to come). Keep in mind that these same people once accused Bill of burning an American flag in Red Square, yet they seem more worried about a candidate who is casually acquainted with a 60’s radical. I wonder why?

You figure it out. I’m overdue some ingracious gloating. We all are.

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