real guilt by association

Shouldn’t there be a distinction between a relationship with a carnival barker and one with the country where a majority of the 9/11 hijackers were raised and educated?

Obama’s pastor said the chickens had come home to roost. Hillary’s husband raised nearly $20 million for his presidential library from the home of many of those “chickens.”

Clinton has been criticized for asking for donations, including from Saudi Arabia, at questionable moments. In an op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal last year, former FBI director Louis J. Freeh said Clinton “hit up [Saudi Arabia’s head of state] Prince Abdullah for a contribution to his library” during a meeting in which Freeh wanted Clinton to ask about the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing. Clinton has publicly disputed Freeh’s account.

Clinton has also been challenged by members of Congress for accepting a reported $450,000 donation to his library from the former wife of fugitive financier Marc Rich before he granted Rich a pardon for tax evasion in 2001. Neither Clinton nor the Rich family confirmed the donation.

There’s no proof of impropriety, except that the Clintons are involved. (And before you say, “Bush did it,” consider the implications of that defense.)

Why is a dubious ally — to put it kindly — pumping so much money into a library for Bubba? Think they give a shit about Little Rock?

It’s access they want, and, having footed one-tenth of Bill’s shrine to Bill, they’re sure to get it. There’s a reason the Clintons have refused to release the library’s list of donors; I suspect it’s more damning than what’s already known.

If we’re going to play guilt by association, then by all means, let’s play fair.

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  1. johnnypeepers

    Hmm, is that the reason why Clinton refuses to disclose the donor’s to his Global Initiative project? These thugs have a lot to hide. Clinton supporters are the least educated voters in this election. There are reams of damning documents, books, and articles that detail their arrogance, illegality, and lack of fitness to even run a dog grooming salon.

  2. ICAtlanta

    The most telling on the Clintons is how they have been abandoned by their old Cabinet members and the old libs in the senate.

    I knew they were corrupt since 1992, but oddly many gullibales looking for change we can believe in and the incompetence of the first Bush led to their party prominence.

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