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judas pastor

The more I think about the Jeremiah Wright carnival, the angrier I get. I suspect — and hope — Barack Obama is much, much angrier. He shouldn’t hesitate to show that righteous indignation, as recent political history suggests.

With his uniformly flaccid response to the Swift Boat attacks, John Kerry confirmed suspicions that he lacked passion. Voters were likewise indifferent about his candidacy.

Maybe his reserve proved him better than us (a conclusion reached by many voters about Kerry, not to his advantage), but I would’ve been mighty pissed if my draft-massaging opponent tried to score points questioning my patriotism.

And I’d be embracing my inner McCain if the man I publicy defended — at great political risk — inferred that I agreed with his divisive, conspiratorial rhetoric, knowingly jeopardizing my bid for the Democratic nomination. To be the first black man on a presidential ticket.

Obama said Wright is like an uncle to him, a comment he’s bound to regret. Considering that characterization, I thought of myself, 20, 30 years down the road, showing up drunk at the hospital where my nephew was primed to become chief oncologist, a cigarette in one hand, cheap sun reflector in the other, alternately coughing and wheezing, pausing just long enough to demand “Dr. Feelgood” fork over more under-the-counter meds.

It would be like that, but nowhere near as damaging as Wright’s narcissistic meltdown.






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  1. Or maybe Obama really does share some of the beliefs of the pastor he followed for 20 years, who conducted his wedding, baptised his children and served as his spiritual mentor. I would have to share more than beliefs about God to follow a pastor, and integrate him into my family, for twenty years.

    Obama realizes he will never get elected if we know the truth. We now know it, so Rev Wright gets thrown under the bus.

    Interesting that his indignation over remarks Wright has made since Sept 2001 only surfaced after everyone learned that Wright was not taken out of context and the polls started to tank.

    Kerry wasn’t stopped becasue he was such a nice guy, it was because we learned that he had no core beliefs and decades of duplicity was so well documented.

    Obama shares something wih Kerry, he is a politician who will say whatever needs to be said. This is a trait shared by most Senators (both parties) and has been their biggest hurdle to the Oval Office.

    To paraphrase Rev Wright….. chickens ….come home…. to roost!

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