decapitation du jour

On second thought, I won’t be watching “Fitna,” but I will post it, in solidarity. Thanks to Thomas for the link, and for the warning about the beheading found within.

That’s enough to keep me from clicking play, though I defend the filmmaker’s purposeful provocation.

One response to “decapitation du jour”

  1. I just finished watching it. It’s no Citizen Kane but it’s very effective at making it’s point.

    Not that I agree with the whole thing, mind you, mostly because it’s just meant to shock. I’m curious what Geert Wilders proposes from his position in the Dutch government.

    And the beheading – the act itself – is heard and not seen. Only the outcome is revealed, which is pretty brutal/grotesque in it’s own right, but they don’t show the full action, FWIW.

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