“a man is somebody that pisses against the wall”

Pastor Steven V. Anderson is very funny, unintentionally so. He’s worried that America will follow Germany’s lead, requiring men to piss sitting down. Already there, preacher man. Rev. Anderson also believes Billy Graham is going to Hell. (via Andrew Sullivan) *UPDATE: My good friend Heinrich informs me that it is considered proper etiquette in Germany … Continue reading “a man is somebody that pisses against the wall”

assemblage of fools

I’ve been pretty lax about it, but fortunately Andisheh’s been keeping tabs on the General Assembly: Last week, the grown-ups running Georgia’s House of Representatives voted to stop the state from issuing license plates bearing the mascots of colleges and universities from outside Georgia. The move came just two weeks after an AJC report raised … Continue reading assemblage of fools

another boob from georgia

Notice how much Republicans are sounding like Hillary Clinton these days? Notice also how Republicans plan on attacking Obama once the general begins. Not only is he a lightweight, but he doesn’t really love America. (via Fresh Loaf)