the blah-scars

I’m pleased “No Country for Old Men” swept the major categories — as logic dictated — but could award shows be more archaic? The boredom was palpable. Jon Stewart was barely adequate, but forgiven, as Bruce “Sigmund the Sea Monster” Vilanch remains on the academy’s payroll. The bad jokes were most likely his. Bruce was a busy man.

the inequity of legos

A study was conducted, and Legos were subsequently banned. When the children discovered the decimated Legotown, they reacted with shock and grief. Children moaned and fell to their knees to inspect the damage; many were near tears. The builders were devastated, and the other children were deeply sympathetic. We gathered as a full group to talk about what had happened; at one point in the conversation, Kendra suggested a big cleanup of the loose Legos on the floor. The Legotown builders were fierce in their opposition. They explained that particular children “owned” those pieces and it would be unfair to put them…