the real spoiler

Mike Huckabee has won more delegates tonight than Romney. McCain is outpacing The Anchorman in every state but Massachusetts. The candidate of conservative blowhards can’t even beat McCain in the South. Romney might win California, but with Golden State delegates awarded proportionately, a victory there wouldn’t matter as much as, say, McCain’s winner-takes-all triumph in New York.

Looks to me like Huckabee should be calling for Romney to drop out, instead of the other way around.

an obama romp?

I’ll reserve any excitement due to the sources — exit polls posted on DRUDGE. But if these results play out, then Obama could emerge as the presumptive nominee after tonight:

Alabama: Obama 60, Clinton 37… Arizona: Obama 51, Clinton 45… Connecticut: Obama 53, Clinton 45… Delaware: Obama 56, Clinton 42… Illinois: Obama 70, Clinton 30… Massachusetts: Obama 50, Clinton 48… Missouri: Obama 50, Clinton 46… New Jersey: Obama 53, Clinton 47…

Clinton barely leads in California and is not that far ahead in her adopted home state, New York.

pssst! mccain’s the manchurian candidate … pass it on

This is how low some of McCain’s conservative opponents will stoop:

I have gotten the usual daily spam e-mail from various fringe and self-acclaimed conservative groups and personages — variously alleging that McCain was not a real war hero, questioning his conduct during capture, commenting on his marital situation, and suggesting he was unhinged and identical to Ted Kennedy, Hillary (fill in the blanks).

The people behind these shameless whisper campaigns should be outed. If McCain is elected, he would be well within his rights to sic the IRS on them.

try choosing the best candidate

I heard one of Nancy Pelosi’s daughters on the radio this afternoon saying she hadn’t made up her mind between Hillbot and Obama.

“I’m having to choose between my gender and my generation,” Pelosi Jr. said. So white men who favor other white men are excused? Obviously it’s been that way for generations, but should it be perpetrated by other identity groups?

I suppose if Barney Frank were to seek the presidency I’d have no choice but to vote for him, as a fellow gay white male. But what if a Southerner in his 30s opposed him? Does orientation and pigmentation trump regional and generational identification?

And we fret over Iraqi tribalism.

judge him by his enemies (cont’d)

Dr. Demento, er, Dobson said that “under no circumstances” would he support McCain in the general election.

One of the reasons he lists: McCain “often uses foul and obscene language.” Sounds like a plus to me, especially when it’s directed towards Dobson and his ilk.

By not voting, Dobson sends quite a message to the troops he claims to support. Are they fighting for the American way of life, or George W. Bush?

*I don’t remember Dobson complaining when W liberally dropped the F-bomb in a 1999 interview with conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.