the blogosphere says what (political sycophant edition)

Once again the mainstream media has ignored a transformative movement in American politics. As witnessed in this video clip, Gov. Mitt Romney is making serious inroads within the black community. Watch the reaction he gets from these young urban voters. Watch how effortlessly he connects with them. He speaks their language, even referencing a popular … Continue reading the blogosphere says what (political sycophant edition)

a ringing endorsement

If you’re opposed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt and Tom DeLay, you must be doing something right. If you’re supported by that same quartet, you must be Mitt Romney. Cue the surrogates, classy as always: “There’s nothing redeeming about John McCain,” DeLay told Fox News. While McCain was being tortured … Continue reading a ringing endorsement

an actor, not a celebrity

I typically resist milquetoast obits for people I didn’t know, but Heath Ledger‘s passing deserves a mention. Unlike most other famous personalities who “die too young” (considering her lifestyle, Anna Nicole Smith died right according to schedule), Ledger had talent. He was good at his work. Minus Ledger’s understated authenticity as Ennis Del Mar, “Brokeback … Continue reading an actor, not a celebrity