I’m Waiting for Rip Taylor’s Endorsement

No surprise that Hillbot has Babs on her side. But Fabio? “She’s so smart,” he says. “And with her, you’re getting two with one. You know I love women, because I owe my success to women. To me, it will be the biggest reward. I would love for the first time to have a woman president.” And with Hillary in charge, he says, the Iraqi insurgents better watch out. “When a woman gets pissed off at you,” he says, “she’s going to get you, you know?”

The Diversity Racket

Have you ever considered how many people are getting rich peddling tolerance? Think about it — an entire industry has been created to remind people they should play nice with others. The diversity culture has devolved into something a bit more insidious, as this video demonstrates. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some aggrieving to do.

Islamic Outrage Du Jour

Civilization remains but a faint notion for Muslim extremists. In Sudan, a British teacher faces 40 lashes and up to six months in prison for “insulting religion and inciting hatred.” Her crime? Naming a class teddy bear Mohammed (though one of her students claims he named the bear — after himself). Devout Muslims believe any physical depiction of their very touchy prophet is blasphemous. Beating up women — not so much.

The Most Annoying Holiday Song Ever

Still accepting nominees. Making the cut so far: *”So This Is Christmas,” John and Yoko *”Simply Have a Wonderful Christmastime,” Paul McCartney *”Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” Brenda Lee *”Jingle Bells,” Barbra Streisand *Anything by Manheim Steamroller *”Hanukkah Song,” Adam Sandler *”Kwanzaa Is Here,” Greta Pedersen *”Baby It’s Cold Outside,” Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson *”Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” *NSYNC

What Would Joseph Smith Do?

The Anchorman doesn’t want to talk about his Mormon faith. Reporters are uneasy asking about it. Christopher Hitchens thinks it’s a valid question: Here is the most salient reason: Until 1978, the so-called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was an officially racist organization. Mitt Romney was an adult in 1978. We need to know how he justified this to himself, and we need to hear his self-criticism, if he should chance to have one. It matters what you believe. Not to equate it with Mormonism, but I sure as hell would never vote for a Scientologist. It apparently matters to…