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Gallagher Has More Street Cred

GallagherDriving home from a long day at work, I flipped around the FM dial and heard something so abominable, so disturbing that I had to respond, post haste. A bland metal band, appropriately named Disturbed, has recorded a cover of that godawful Genesis hit, "Land of Confusion."

Land_of_confusion_281x211Remakes are inherently lame, but reviving a Phil Collins tune places you at least five notches below the lint in Mitt Romney’s asshole on the uncool ladder. Worse still, the members of Disturbed probably think they’re making some kind of statement.

Dude, man, Collins was a visionary!

*Note to any group that dares cover "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight": I will hunt you down, and I’ll have no mercy. Let there be no debate — it’s the worst song ever recorded, and always will be. Michael Bolton would be justified in mocking it.






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  1. Ahh, come on, I love that cover. Any time a band can take someone else’s song and make it their own, I totally dig that. You should hear their cover of Shout. link:

    Now, that’s hysterical.

    … or for that matter, Korn’s cover of Word Up by Cameo. link:

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