Defining yourself by race, ethnicity or sexual orientation is, of course, weak. I’ve never felt pride in being gay because it required no effort. It’s like taking pride in having 10 toes. It’s not an accomplishment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with celebrating one’s heritage or culture, but this is getting ridiculous:

The Latino community may soon have its own top-level domain, .LAT, if a proposal by two organizations goes through. eCOM-LAC, an organization that works to ensure regional representation of Latin America, and NIC Mexico, the entity that manages the top-level domain of .MX for Mexico, announced the new extension earlier this month as an effort to “identify, differentiate, and add value to Internet resources related with Latinos.”

Anyone doubt this will become a trend?

We may one day see TLDs like .GLBT or .BIKE for the gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans and cycling communities, for example.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

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1 Comment on ATLmalcontent.LGBT

  1. I’m waiting for the .duane domain myself.

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