The Petty Queer Establishment, fronted by the Human Rights Campaign, is in the tank for Hillbot. I’m not surprised, then, that a poll of LGB voters — commissioned by the HRC — finds the other HRC in the lead. (Acronym overload!!!) But by a 3-to-1 margin? Is the queer electorate really that brainwashed? Maybe not. … Continue reading HRC for HRC

11/28: ATLmalcontent Says Something Nice About The Anchorman

Barely endured tonight’s GOP debate, so forgive the kind words for my least favorite Republican candidate. I’m certain it won’t happen again. When asked by some redneck whether it’s appropriate to fly the Stars and Bars, Romney — after intially ducking — somehow managed to sprout a very small pair (well-concealed by his Mormon underwear). … Continue reading 11/28: ATLmalcontent Says Something Nice About The Anchorman


Defining yourself by race, ethnicity or sexual orientation is, of course, weak. I’ve never felt pride in being gay because it required no effort. It’s like taking pride in having 10 toes. It’s not an accomplishment. Not that there’s anything wrong with celebrating one’s heritage or culture, but this is getting ridiculous: The Latino community … Continue reading ATLmalcontent.LGBT