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Disingenuous Republicans

Republicans claim to love the military, but they aren’t crazy about people who actually served. The GOP’s most prominent outcasts include vets Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel. And of course, despite some regrettable groveling, there’s John McCain.

Most Republicans hate him. I can’t figure out why. Surely McCain-Feingold isn’t reason enough. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t follow the Hannity/Limbaugh wing of the party lockstep, speaking out against torture and Guantanamo. 

Name another Republican who could run an ad like this. Hell, name another prominent Republican who ever sacrificed for their country.

Doesn’t matter. McCain’s going to lose to Napoleon (er, Giuliani), Fred Thompson (imbued with the intellectual curiosity of George W.) or Romney (who makes Bill Clinton look like Daniel Patrick Moynihan). He’s already lost to Bush, a miscalculation that will cost the GOP for decades.

The Republicans have become caricatures and they don’t seem the least bit aware. Their loss, and it’s going to be a big one. 

(Note to freethinkers: you’re not wanted in the GOP.)

(Note to Republican partisans: I’ve been plenty critical of the Democrats, so spare me your outrage.)






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  1. Just because you served doesn’t mean you can never be criticized. Chuck Hagel is not conservative – therefore he is not liked by many conservative repubilcans – nor is Arlen Specter – and he didn’t serve.

  2. McCain isn’t criticized, he’s reviled. Yet Tom DeLay is celebrated. Something wrong with that picture? Hagel actually is conservative — he just doesn’t support the war. That’s not a ideological issue.

  3. And speaking of DeLay … he was largely responsible for the GOP’s reckless spending. Plus, he was corrupt. How is that conservative? And why is he a frequent guest on fat blowhard’s show, welcomes as a persecuted ally? And why is Limbaugh so tough on McCain? Judging a person by their enemies (Dobson, Robertson, et al), I’d say the senator from Arizona comes out pretty good. But hey, if you want Romney, go ahead and watch Hillary (ugh) win in a landslide.

  4. McCain’s antipathy for free-speech is what started the ball roling and of course W. signed the stupid bill.I think most Americans (except for the daily kos types) appreciate all servicemen’s contribution to the country, but I don’t have to agree with them politically or support them in office just because they served.Not sure what Delay has to do with this, but I agree he and his band of big spenders, high on power merrymen with a willing senate and president and let’s face it – a lazy, apathetic, greedy and ignorant populace have put us in the position we are in today – out of control spending – please govt save me – I can’t save myself mentality will lead to the Hilster being the Pres in 2008.The current band of Republicans can’t handle leadership and that is why they got their ass handed to them last year. Many conservative voters stayed at home.

  5. I bring up DeLay because many Republicans — including Limbaugh and Hannity — treat him as a hero, while McCain’s the pariah.

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