Honoring a thug

4 thoughts on “Honoring a thug”

  1. Honoring him for what? That’s what I don’t get?Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence?

  2. The more I think about this, the more I look at it in two ways:1. This is an effort to get publicity for the SCLC, which has organizationally been at death’s door for the past two decades, and2. They are expecting some monetary payback from Vick if he gets off (not likely).The SCLC, much like the King Center for Nonviolence has basically been operated as a paycheck for the do-nothing sons and daughters of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement (I’m looking at you Dexter, MLK III and RDA II).Let’s see, the SCLC is moving into their newly built, ‘debt free’ headquarters on Auburn Ave. After stunts like this, how long do you suppose they’ll continue to be ‘debt free’? I agree, pathetic.

  3. Fuck Barry Bonds – what a fucking joke. I hate CHEATERS!!!! I guess the SCLS will celebrate him next – what a bunch of sad sacks. Of all the extremely successful Black Americans who have overcome the most adverse circumstances and you celebrate Vick – good grief – buying a lotto ticket next?

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