Just when you thought I was out …

they pull me back in.

Who are they? The usual suspects, mostly. Stay tuned, as I have plenty of catching up to do after an unprecedented hiatus. Thanks to Miss Ellie for hastening my return; I received a call from her last night in which she informed me that, due to my absence, she’s found herself drifting to the worst blog on the Web. Nothing wrong with that — I get plenty of material from him — though I sensed a certain desperation on her part.

“He’s suggesting music from the soundtrack of ‘Felicity’ now,” Miss Ellie reported. An exasperated sigh followed.

Should I be surprised that Duane was a fan of one of those insufferable late-1990’s relationship dramas? I should not.

Thus, the vacation ends. I may be pale, tired and unprepared (as opposed to tan, rested and ready), but you can’t keep a budding old crank silent for long.