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“I can’t believe we’re paying for something we get for free”

The reviews are in for the new “Simpsons” movie — pretty tepid, but not bad, kind of like the last five seasons. I’ll see it, in spite of Ian Maxtone-Graham’s involvement.

IMG is a longtime writer and producer, instrumental in steering the show away from clever satire into silly pop culture references and sight gags. He’s your villain, the anti-John Swartzwelder (responsible for many of the show’s early highlights). If you’re watching an episode and Lisa is humorlessly droning on about Buddhism or the environment, you’ve been Maxtone-Grahamed, baby! It’s not pleasant.

I met his girlfriend once, right about the time when IMG joined the staff. I was eager to meet him, even though his girlfriend was a humorless turd. Didn’t make sense then — does now.

When he joined “The Simpsons” staff in 1998, Maxtone-Graham said he had never watched the show before being hired to write for it. He must’ve been boning up on Rob Schneider movies instead; his contributions are typically just as lame. 

I propose we exile him to Shelbyville, or at least demote him to a staff writer for the Bumblee Man’s show. 






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  1. Seen it yet? We went last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Laughed especially hard when my 4 yr old daughter yelled out, “Mama! I saw Bart’s PENIS!”

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