Day: July 13, 2007

The president that should’ve been

It’s pretty much over for the Arizona senator, a depressing coda for the man who should’ve been president in 2000. I was a huge supporter back then — even contributing money — but found his quest for the 2008 nomination a wince-inducing contradicition. Regardless, it’s sad that he’ll be on the outside looking in at the likes of Mitt Romney and Hillbot.


Plenty of pundits are checking in with postmortems, but there’s but one logical conclusion to McCain‘s demise: he became establishment when establishment wasn’t cool. Americans want a maverick this time around — hence the rise of Obama — while McCain figured (based on his sour 2000 finish) the best route to the White House was the road most traveled, loading his roster with ex-Bushies. His timing was bad; his calculation even worse.

Damn shame, since he still would’ve made the best commander out of all the candidates running.