Offsetting the cuteness

Jeff was right — my reputation demands I counter that adorable picture posted yesterday with something grotesque. So here’s my revenge (hint: it’s not another shirtless pic of Carrot Top, but it will make you queasy).

A gay wedding nightmare

Tori Spelling officiated (she was ordained online). Martinis named after the couple’s favorite Broadway musicals were served to all the guests. One of the grooms serenaded the crowd with a “rousing” reindition of “Cabaret.” And the first dance was to a Madonna song. Sounds like they had every cliche covered.

The material c**t

Fuck this inane diva worship. Madonna‘s no icon — she’s a withered old hag with an ego that would make Bill Clinton blush. The cult-enabling bitch made the following demands of reporters at Saturday’s Live Earth concert: We can reveal that US TV presenters who interviewed her were bizarrely ordered never to lose eye contact … Continue reading The material c**t

Consider the source

For those who take Michael Moore seriously, here’s some reminders why you shouldn’t: In a typically inane passage of Downsize This!, Moore’s slapdash satire of the political landscape, he pens a chapter proclaiming “O.J. Is Innocent.” … After I faxed Simpson, he called me from his new home in Pacific Palisades. “Obviously, I like Michael … Continue reading Consider the source