“I can’t believe we’re paying for something we get for free”

The reviews are in for the new “Simpsons” movie — pretty tepid, but not bad, kind of like the last five seasons. I’ll see it, in spite of Ian Maxtone-Graham’s involvement. IMG is a longtime writer and producer, instrumental in steering the show away from clever satire into silly pop culture references and sight gags. … Continue reading “I can’t believe we’re paying for something we get for free”

Boycott the Braves

And “Ebert & Roeper.” Just say no to “Meet the Press.” Catsup — and ketchup, via Heinz, are also out. And forget about satellite radio: XM and Sirius are both on the boycott list. So orders the Web site boycottliberalism.com. Why the Braves? The site claims they’re owned by Ted Turner. If only. Ted lost … Continue reading Boycott the Braves

Please patronize me

Damn I despise the petty queer establishment; GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Diversity) gave a hearty thumbs-up to “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” despite the film’s critical drubbing: Racism, sexism and giddy, full-blown homophobia come out to party like it’s 1899 in the shockingly clueless, grossly cynical and unabashedly stupid “I … Continue reading Please patronize me