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The year’s worst movie

Will it be "License to Wed" (starring Robin Williams),  "Good Luck Chuck" (starring Dane Cook) or "Evan Almighty" (starring Steve "yet another sellout" Carell)?





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  1. I think you’re a little too quick to label Steve Carell a sellouot. The guy did improv skits and bit parts for 20 years, so why trash him for wanting to cash in a little?

  2. Maybe he didn’t know it would be a piece of crap when he signed up. Or maybe he did. I agree with your beefs about the AFI list.

  3. I think the premise speaks for itself. It’s a sequel to a Jim Carrey movie, so what else could he have expected. Yeah, the AFI list is shite.

  4. Steve Carell just bought a house two towns north of me…I am seriously considering stalking him.

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