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Is anyone unpatriotic?

If you want to get a rise out of people, left or right, question their patriotism. The Bush Administration walks this tightrope all the time, kinda/sorta challenging the red, white and blue bona fides of opponents while claiming that’s something they would never do.

We’ve seen this with war protesters, and now with conservatives who’ve gone apoplectic over Bush’s contention that opponents of the immigration compromise "don’t want to do what’s right for America."

A senior official said later, “In no way was he questioning anyone’s patriotism or desire to do what’s right.”

Um, okay. Yet not everyone who claims the mantle is patroitic. There are Americans who don’t love their country, and should be called out on it. (Go ahead, say it — who am I to judge?)

Some examples:

*If you embrace foreign dictators who suppress democracy (i.e. Hugo Chavez) while at the same time damning the U.S., you are not patriotic. Ex.: Danny Glover;

*If you subscribe to moronic conspiracy theories that blame Americans for killing other Americans (i.e. the World Trade Center collapse), you are not patriotic. Ex.: Rosie O’Donnell;

*If you regret the South’s defeat in the Civil War, you are not patriotic. (What could be more unpatriotic than wishing for the demise of your country?) Ex.: A Klansman, any Klansman, or the guy driving ahead of me today with the "Fergit, Hell" bumper sticker; \

*If you think it’s un-American to question the unconstitutional, such as illegal wiretapping and torture, you are not patriotic. Ex.: Tom DeLay;

*If you think the Bible, and not the Constitution, should govern America, you are unpatriotic (as you oppose the very foundation on which this country was created. Or to parphrase Hank Hill: "Can’t you see you’re not making America better? You’re just making Christianity worse.") Ex.: James Dobson.


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