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Another big government Republican

Sixty eight percent of Georgians want it, but the 32 percent who don’t have all the power. That would be the Bible thumpers, the most reliable constituency of the Republican Party these days. Ergo, Gov. H. Dumpty said he would veto any legislation that would allow Sunday beer and wine sales at grocery and convenience stores. Georgia_governor_sonny_perdue

“I don’t support that. I don’t know whether it will pass the Legislature or not, but it will have a pretty tough time getting the last vote.”

The “last vote” is Perdue‘s. If the House and Senate pass the bill allowing local voters to approve such sales, the governor can veto it.

“Think of it this way,” the governor added in the radio interview. “It really helps you plan ahead for the rest of your life — buying on Saturday, rather than Sunday. Time management.”

Perdue did not elaborate on why he does not support Sunday sales, and his aides declined to clarify the matter. A religious conservative who does not drink, Perdue has vetoed several alcohol bills in the past.

Georgia is one of three states that prohibit Sunday retail sales of alcohol. There’s a move to rescind that ban, but despite popular opinion the governor isn’t going to upset his base.

The issue pits grocery and convenience stores — which want the opportunity to sell beer and wine on Sundays — against some Christian conservatives and the liquor store industry. Christian conservative opponents argue that the Sabbath should remain free of beer and wine sales.

Then don’t drink. And don’t ask those of us who aren’t Christian conservatives to follow your beliefs. Whether its the left’s war on cigarettes and trans fat or the right’s opposition to booze, the nanny state knows no ideology.





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