That’s So 2007

Could we get off the playground rocking horse and cease with the incessant whining about “haters?” And might we also stop deifying insecure, materialistic, egocentric rap stars? Brought to you by The Committee For a Saner 2008.

July On the Sly

The YIR returns: *My best post of the year; *The “faux independent blogger” reponds; *An X-Rated Blogopshere Says What?; *A fond farewell to Aunt Babs.

Quantity, Not Quality

The GOP establishment has settled on a depressing new mantra, eagerly regurgitated by the favored candidate of party elites: “Our most basic civil liberty is the right to be kept alive.” Yeah, that whole pursuit of happiness thing is way overrated.

The Candidate of Spite

Some pundits are theorizing that Hillbot’s divisiveness helps her among vengeful partisans. Opposition from the right = support from the left. We’ve seen this, in reverse, with George W. — the fringes are energized by candidates with “the right enemies” as opposed to the most allies. Need proof? Read this Paul Krugman screed. Perhaps that … Continue reading The Candidate of Spite

Media Intramurals

Amid all the sophomoric claims of relevance, one wonders if the old media and new media will ever get along? (originally posted 6/5/2007) Consistent throughout the verbal jarring over Andy’s article has been a virulent dose of self-importance from the “new media” types. As one wrote to Andy, “Keep fiddling, Nero!” I guess that’s fair, … Continue reading Media Intramurals

June Swoon

Not a very insightful month for yours truly, but the YIR must go on: *Meet Islamic Rage Boy; *Conflicted over Pride; *The American Film Institute has no idea what it’s talking about. “The Sixth Sense,” rated higher than “Goodfellas!?!” Are they fucking kidding me? The AFI nominated 400 movies for it’s listing of the “100 … Continue reading June Swoon