Hypocrisy alert

According to The Washington Times (links down, so take my word for it), Democratic presidential candidate — and self-appointed champion of the poor — John Edwards never took a pro bono case during his career as a trial lawyer. Reminds me of Bill Clinton — champion of public education — who sent Chelsea to the exclusive Sidwell Friends School.

Kill the bastard

I’m opposed to the death penalty, both in principle and practicality. That being said, I shed no tears when human scum like Richard Allen Davis (convicted for killing Polly Klaas) buy the farm.

And I have no problem with hanging Saddam, though I’m aware of the contradiction. It’s up to the Iraqis; God knows they’re entitled to a little bloodlust.

But provincial Europeans, including Italy’s prime minister, predictably disagree.

TNR honcho Marty Peretz wonders if they would’ve said the same about Mussolini, or Eichmann?

Even if Saddam is not exactly in the category of Eichmann, he–like Pol Pot and other leaders of deliberately killer regimes–has no claim on our conscience. What’s more there is something prissy and finicky in Prodo if Saddam’s fate can touch his soul.

What’s more, one should look at this through the eyes of the Iraqis. If the blood tyrant is not killed it will be as if had been vindicated.