R.I.P. Peter Boyle

One of my favorite scenes from “Young Frankenstein;” unfortunately both “the monster” and “Elizabeth” (Madeline Khan) have passed away. (Boyle, also great in “Taxi Driver” and “The Candidate,” died Tuesday night.)

Mahmoud and Mel

Someone’s sharing talking points: (Source) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “Sixty million people died in the Second World War. World War II was a gigantic crime. We condemn it all. We are against bloodshed, regardless of whether a crime was committed against a Muslim or against a Christian or a Jew. But the question is: Why among these … Continue reading Mahmoud and Mel

Convert or die!

More fun with fundamentalists; now there’s a video game based on the popular “Left Behind” series of books: In Left Behind, set in perfectly apocalyptic New York City, the Antichrist is personified by fictional Romanian Nicolae Carpathia, secretary-general of the United Nations and a People magazine “Sexiest Man Alive.” Players can choose to join the … Continue reading Convert or die!

Pull the string!

Malcontenter Al Kosa checks in with some suggestions for aspiring profiteers … Why stop with hooker dolls? Kids, boys and girls, should have little plastic likenesses of the potpourri of role models our society serves up: *The insider-trading, stock option rigging, employee retirement plan pillaging CEO white collar criminal doll. The Tonto to this Lone … Continue reading Pull the string!