Rednecks making crude pronouncements on Facebook

Source: 45-year-old Southern gal

Smoke pot wen u wake up… Ha Ha…start 4:20 early… Its a gr8 thing .. Weed i mean.. did i really jus post that … YEP DAMN SURE DID.. O MY IMAGINE THAT.. LMAO..

That pic of my biscuits looks really good rite now ..LOL.. MAYBE WIT SUM SAUSAGE GRAVY 2 POUR OVER TOP…yep now im talkin bussiness Bet hell thats a Bank it 4 real…YUMMY..:-O:-P

CrAzEeE girl… Jus add coffee n bud… A WIRED STONER…really tho im completley harmless…a lil old school maybe 2…dont call me a hyparcrite tho… I aint hiding from a thing n yeah i smoke a lil weed and woship God.. im real bout it unlike sum closet fake people…thing here is i dont care wat u say much less wat u think… Thatll never change…..

Hey Fam.. Got a question… Wat do ya think the neighbors mite say if i blast sum DARK LOTUS… SEXY… AT MY TIME 8:40 AM… HA HA IM FIXIN 2 FIND OUT…. SING IT WITH ME… BITCH IM THE SEXIEST KILLA U KNOW COME EQUIPT WITH AN AXE N SOME LOVE HANDLES… VAMPIRE OUT THE WATER STR8 2 LAND… i love violent jay n his little background comments . Haha gr8 shit…hes like can i get a head shot… Lemme c them titties….WICKID WEDNESDAY.. WHOOP WHOOP MCL…THATS ALL OF U HATCHET SWINGIN HOMIES…

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Things I don’t understand

The enduring popularity of Steven Tyler. foursquare. I thought I’d receive some sort of tangible reward for check-ins. Don’t think I’ll be changing my business cards to add “Mayor of Taco Mac.” Wolf Blitzer as a TV commentator. It takes him 10 minutes to break news, what with all the stammering and qualifiers. The fascination […]

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Tweet du jour

@andishehnouraee andishehnouraee FEMA warns Irene could wash ashore millions of gallons of Fierce, Acqua Di Gio & Axe that washed off New Jersey beachgoers this summer.

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Tweet du jour

@andishehnouraee andishehnouraee Obama should hire ex-Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Beverly Hall. We’ll have great monthly jobs reports in no time! #APS #jobs

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A suicide in 140 characters or less

Not surprisingly, Carlos Estevez is involved. Last night, 22-year-old Kacey Jordan—the woman best known for smoking crack with Charlie Sheen, suggesting she aborted Sheen’s baby, and winning Howard Stern’s “Charlie Sheen Porn Star Pageant”—locked herself in a hotel room in Chicago and, over the course of five hours, tweeted a bizarre, long cry for help

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Thank you, Billy Zabka

Blogging host WordPress just crunched my 2010 numbers: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 110,000 times in 2010. If it were an exhibit at The Louvre Museum, it would take 5 days for that many people to see it. That’s good to hear, though I’m sure those […]

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Pointless year in review presents … 2010’s worst use of social media

originally published 1/31/2010 Cancel CNN’s Twitter account — that’s 140 characters or less. They just don’t know when to stop. The network’s SOTU coverage included John King reading such insightful Tweets as “Go Obama, let’s do it!” and “This is painful to watch.” Indeed, CNN’s incessant pandering to technology is painful to endure. No one […]

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