Same difference

On the “30 Rock” episode, Tracy Jordan, the character Morgan plays, sparked a protest after making a couple of ridiculous gay-oriented jokes at a club date. A contrite Jordan mistakenly apologizes to the makers of Glad bags, rather than to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, known as GLAAD.

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Marginalizing ourselves

“I took a trip out to California last week, where I had some productive bilateral talks with your leader, Lady Gaga. She was wearing 16-inch heels. She was eight feet tall. It was a little intimidating,” President Obama joked to some 3,000 gay rights activists during his keynote address at the annual dinner of the […]

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Gaymos and Dandy return

Actually, that’s not fair. Amos and Andy were offensive caricatures, no doubt, but were not vain, shallow, materialistic, melodramatic, backstabbing gossips like the offensive caricatures on MTVGay’s “The A List.” Yet the Petty Queer Establishment is silent. They must be busy searching for offensive language in the DVD release of a Ron Howard movie no […]

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Contrived contrition

I think most would agree the public apology is played out. First, Anthony Weiner couldn’t shut up about his dick. Now Tracy Morgan is on an apology tour, sponsored by GLAAD, following his recent anti-gay rant. Surely you know the drill. GLAAD will grant absolution in exchange for a series of highly choreographed mea culpas […]

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Quid pro crock

AT&T is lining up support for its acquisition of T-Mobile from a slew of liberal groups with no obvious interest in telecom deals — except that they’ve received big piles of AT&T’s cash. In recent weeks, the NAACP, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the National Education Association have each issued public statements […]

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