Ostracize them forever

I hope someone covers this casting call to remind us who should be avoided. MTV is also apparently looking to Occupy Wall Street for their cast of the Real World. In what seems to be a casting call posted on Craigslist, MTV said it is looking for people between 20- and 24 years old and asking anyone taking part […]

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The chick from ‘Just One of the Guys’ salutes lip-syncing Disney product

D-List drag queen Lady Gaga, looking suspiciously like Terry (“dresses like Elvis Costello, looks like the Karate Kid”) from the 1985 gender-bending classic “Just One of the Guys,” was the big winner of the MTV Awards last night. The prep school graduate also took time out to honor an legend, an “icon” who, according to […]

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Pointless year in review presents … 2010’s most unwelcome rehabilitation

And worst example of entertainment media puffery: With a three-minute booty-shakin’ performance, the actor himself officially ended the era of Tom Cruise bashing. Oprah’s couch? Scientology? The eyepatch in ‘Valkyrie’? Fuhgeddaboudit! Cruise became definitively cool again with his live appearance, complete with swaggerific undone bow-tie and J-Lo as his dance partner. No thanks.

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mtv is evil, cont’d

Sullen emo (goth with less mascara and more fluid sexuality) girl and her Barbie doll mother don’t get along. Fake-tittied mom can’t understand; she’s just trying to look young so she can hang with her daughter. Besides, doesn’t she give her little princess everything she wants? After much manufactured angst, emo chick learns (is manipulated) […]

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mtv has scientology’s back

Earlier this summer, the network attempted to rehabilitate Tom Cruise’s career on the MTV movie awards: Is it just us or did Tom Cruise come across as massively sane, funny, and um almost cool tonight? Maybe it was the moment when we saw Tom chatting up “Tropic Thunder” buddy Ben Stiller. Or maybe it was […]

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