Gun nuts … always wanting more

Someone tell the NRA that nothing is worse than a whiny winner. They get everything — EVERYTHING — they want and still they maintain a persecution complex.

Victory in November would mean a “pro-Second Amendment” Congress, said [NRA leader Chris] Cox — as if the current arrangement of Congress can or would do anything anti-gun.

I suspect they won’t be satisfied until the presidential election is decided by a duel. Long live Aaron Burr!

Presidential Candidates Address NRA Annual Meeting In St. Louis

Newt going out w/ a bang

We have a new winner for stupidest thing said by a GOP candidate for president:

The NRA, [Gingrich] told the group’s annual convention, has been much too timid and moderate in its defense of gun rights. If elected president, he said, he will “submit to the United Nations a treaty that extends the right to bear arms as a human right for every person on the planet because every person on the planet deserves the right to defend themselves from those who would oppress them, those would exploit them, rape them or kill them.”


Racism doesn’t kill people — vigilantes with guns often do

Most people, knowing what’s known about the shooting of Trayvon Martin, would like to see George Zimmerman charged with something – me included. But it would be a miscarriage of justice if  Zimmerman was charged with a hate crime, as some experts speculate.

Racism, if Zimmerman is guilty of it, is not a crime. Pursuing an unarmed teen when law enforcement tells you not to, then shooting and killing him, is clearly illegal.

The overriding cultural issues brought to the forefront by Trayvon Martin’s slaying shouldn’t cloud simple matters of justice, nor should it obscure the larger problem that’s garnering scant attention.

We’re a nation of no gun laws. A state rep. from Woodstock has proposed House Bill 981, which would allow concealed weapons in:

Public schools and colleges;

Bars and restaurants;

Places of worship;

Polling places

Government buildings, including the state Capitol.

Meanwhile, a bill that would require four hours of training for anyone who gets a permit to carry a concealed weapon couldn’t even get a hearing in a committee.

While there appears to be nothing in George Zimmerman’s past that would’ve prevented him from carrying a weapon there were certainly warning signs.

Over the years, his scores of calls to police showed he pursued shoplifters and errant drivers with zeal, reporting pit bulls, potholes, children playing in the street, open garage doors and “suspicious” youths — usually black males — loitering in the street.

He peppered his calls with jargon familiar to police. In one case, he chased a reckless driver while calling 911 — the driver later told police he was terrified that Zimmerman was going to attack him. In another case, Zimmerman tailed a supermarket shoplifter until a police officer successfully arrested the thief.

Of course those warning signs were missed because the NRA won’t allow governments to regulate who is allowed access to deadly weapons. And few people seem inclined to challenge the gun nuts who, despite nearly uncontested influence, still claim to be under siege.

Have an NRA Christmas

FBI personal background checks, which are required before an individual can buy guns, hit an all-time high of 129,166 on Black Friday. That figure shattered the previous record of 97,848, set on Black Friday of 2008, by 32 percent.

In Georgia, FBI personal background checks recorded during the month of November are at a three-year high of 33,484. December figures were not yet available for comparison with last year. But if November’s uptick continued, it’s likely that plenty of people will be testing their trigger fingers come Sunday.