$ign of the times

Texas Stadium will come down this spring in a “Cheddar Explosion.” That’s the name that Kraft Foods has given to its promotional campaign for the implosion of the iconic structure. In its last act of 2009, the Irving City Council on Thursday unanimously approved Kraft Foods as the official sponsor for the demolition.

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a new low for king kin

A few years back they sold their father’s words and image to a communications company — “I have a dream … that everyone will use Cingular wirless service.” This is worse: The family of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has charged the foundation building a monument to the civil rights leader on the National […]

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mtv is evil, cont’d

Sullen emo (goth with less mascara and more fluid sexuality) girl and her Barbie doll mother don’t get along. Fake-tittied mom can’t understand; she’s just trying to look young so she can hang with her daughter. Besides, doesn’t she give her little princess everything she wants? After much manufactured angst, emo chick learns (is manipulated) […]

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pete wentz must die!

Radar Online’s Robert Lanham makes a strong case against millennials, who apparently think they’re as special as everyone tells them they are. Though the writer indulges in too many lame generalizations, I share his frustration with Generation Y’s unblinking surrender to commercialism. Today, when a hip band allows Outback Steakhouse to co-opt one of their […]

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