Tebow steals Jesus’ thunder

There’s something untoward about Tim Tebow’s much-hyped appearance at a Texas megachurch this Sunday. Tebow is scheduled to address the Celebration Church in Georgetown, north of Austin. Church spokeswoman Tara Wall told The Associated Press that Tebow reached out to the church about a month ago and said he wanted to speak. People attending the […]

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Why Tebow?

He’s not the first telegenic Christian quarterback. Remember Steve Bartkowski? There’s been plenty more since, and most were much more accomplished than Tim Tebow. So why all the fuss? The guy is totally scripted and not a very good QB. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but really, why is everyone so invested in a […]

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Leave behind some crappy jewelry

Rapturewear.com & Spirit and Truth Christian Jewelry Designs welcomes you to tour our lines of over 500 items. Find your favorite item and start personalizing your piece! Select your favorite Bible verse from our menu of over 200 choices… or personally list your favorite scripture as you will want it to appear! Select your favorite […]

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