Edward Snowden exposed

The Sunday Morning Post can now reveal Snowden’s claims that the NSA is: Extensive hacking of major telecommunication companies in China to access text messages Sustained attacks on network backbones at Tsinghua University, China’s premier seat of learning Hacking of computers at the Hong Kong headquarters of Pacnet, which owns one of the most extensive fibre optic submarine […]

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Lest we forget

Before the birth of the Antichrist (a female, striking a blow for women) pushes Edward Snowden from the national consciousness, let’s revisit Edward Snowden’s judgement. “Whether it was youthful naïveté or just ignorance, Mr. Snowden’s positive view of Hong Kong no longer matches the reality, according to the director of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor. […]

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A most optimistic prediction for 2012

Writing for Foreign Policy, Gordon G. Chang predicts the collapse of the Communist Party in China. Let’s hope he’s right. At a time when crucial challenges mount, the Communist Party is beginning a multi-year political transition and therefore ill-prepared for the problems it faces. There are already visible splits among Party elites, and the leadership’s […]

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I am a lonesome sellout

Maureen Dowd skewers Bob Dylan for capitulating to the Chinese government as it engages in a merciless crackdown of artists and dissidents. Renowned architect Ai Weiwei, responsible for the Bird’s Nest design of Beijing’s Olympic stadium, is among those who’ve been detained. Dylan said nothing about Weiwei’s detention, didn’t offer a reprise of “Hurricane,” his […]

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Wouldn’t want to offend China

Neither President Barack Obama nor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has singled out China for public criticism over the latest wave of arrests, though both have said that they always raise human rights in their private conversations with Chinese officials. Which makes them just like every administration, Republicans and Democrat. Artist Ai Weiwei, who collaborated […]

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I’ll never understand artists who suck up to Communists. [Pianist] Lang [Liang] played a Chinese household song called “My Motherland” at the function to welcome President Hu Jintao. It was the theme music of a 1956 movie named Shangganling Battle, which depicted the fighting of Chinese troops against US troops during the Korean War (1950-53). […]

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whatever happened to dan and dave?

The *opening ceremony was compelling propaganda, writes Sacha Zimmerman, though the U.S. team didn’t leave much of an impression: (T)he Ralph Lauren-clad Americans came marching along looking for all the world like the crew of “The Love Boat.” Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but that nifty sentence says a lot worth saying. *Speaking […]

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rooting against the americans

Interesting bit of channel-flipping after work last night. On one, I watched a report on the plight of Buddha’s noble, peaceful warriors. In Tibet, and less directly, in Burma, the Chinese government has aggressively thwarted their efforts to simply worship as they please. I switched to ESPN, where LeBron James was discussing his newfound compassion […]

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don’t go, sarko

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he may not attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if China continues its brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters in Tibet. “Our Chinese friends must understand the worldwide concern that there is about the question of Tibet, and I will adapt my response to the evolutions in the situation that […]

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hu, you’re doing a heck of a job

China’s crackdown in Tibet won’t stop Bush from attending the Beijing Olympics. Apparently even a statement condemning the government’s brutal suppression of human rights is too much to ask. Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino Bush’s position is that “this should be about the athletes and not necessarily about politics.”She said that Bush, in accepting the invitation […]

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