Arizona’s Bullheaded Connor alleged to have set 432 Jerry Sanduskys free

Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio should find the nearest time machine and return to Birmingham 1954. Assistant Atty. Gen. Thomas E. Perez described businesses raided when Latinos gathered out front, inmates mocked with racial epithets and 432 cases of sexual assault and child molestation, often involving Latino victims, that investigators botched. The Justice Department […]

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Crooked governor defends appointment of bigoted plagiarist

It’s impossible to defend the appointment of a bigot like Phil Kent to the newly created Immigration Enforcement Review Board , and Gov. Nathan Deal, interviewed by 11 Alive’s Doug Richards, doesn’t even try. Asked whether Kent’ views on multiculturalism (he’s called Barack Obama “a dangerous, anti-white multiculturalist” and claims that Obama’s success in attracting support from […]

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Speaking of people I don’t want to have dinner with …

John Rocker, a titanic asshole without peer, is writing his biography (self-published). Pimping his upcoming tome in Atlanta magazine, Rocker says he rarely speaks with reporters, adding, “I’ve sworn off doing print interviews.” Jeff Schultz quips, “In Rocker’s world, I guess this means a magazine doesn’t qualify as print.” Like most blowhards, it appears Rocker […]

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Sharia law in Tennessee?

That’s Tenn. GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Ramsey’s defense for opposing a new Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, where such a facility already exists. As is the case with the so-called Ground Zero mosque, there’s been no evidence presented linking the Murfreesboro mosque to radical Islam. Now, I’m all about freedom of religion. I obey the first […]

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The so-called Grand Zero mosque is two blocks away from the former Twin Towers. Even if it was next door, I fail to see the problem. Is this mosque  linked to radical Islam? Not that I’ve read. So that would qualify its members as “peaceful Muslims,” right? Either Palin knows something the rest of us […]

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And the Lord did smite their ratings

A Christian news site is making headlines by claiming Ellen DeGeneres is responsible for the ratings erosion of Fox’s “American Idol.” Christian Newswire director Gary McCullough says the sexual orientation of the newest “Idol” judge was the reason “Idol” ratings were down about 9% this season. Funny — viewers never seemed to have a problem […]

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Hitler hated homosexuals, too

When hyperbole and bigotry collide: A small group of German officers opposed the loyalty oath to Hitler despite great political pressure. They courageously honored and respected the moral and institutional values they represented and knew to be right. We who are Marines are proud to see that our commandant has shown similar courage in the […]

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hate on mexicans day at the capitol

The Georgia House overwhelmingly approved legislation Wednesday calling for prosecution of local governments that harbor illegal immigrants. Of course, there are no municipalities in Georgia harboring illegal immigrants; supporter James Mills calls the measure “pre-emptive.” I’m surprised Mills knows what the word means. According to Creative Loafing, the Gainesville representative proposed police be allowed to […]

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