Big-government Confederates

Why am I not surprised this Confederate-loving state representative from Florida is a Tea Party Republican and former head of the state’s Christian Coalition? A bill that adds a layer of government and takes away local control passed a House panel controlled by Republicans on Monday. Yes, Republicans on the House’s Agriculture and Natural Resources […]

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Oliver Stone validates David Duke

Acording to Haaretz, Oliver Stone said U.S. public opinion remains focused on the Holocaust due to “Jewish domination of the media,” and claims his next film will attempt to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin “in context.” He claims he’s been able to “walk in Stalin’s shoes and Hitler’s shoes to understand their point […]

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King Arthur gets his parking deck

The anticipated, not-so-hidden fees are already emerging for the Stadium Few Want and Atlanta Doesn’t Need. The $17 million in state bonds to expand a parking deck near the new $1.2 billion Falcons stadium has emerged as one of the biggest surprises tucked into the state budget. Gov. Nathan Deal said Wednesday it’s been in the […]

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Alabama opts to remain stupid

No doubt Common Core is imperfect, but at least its goals are aspirational — something Tea Party types won’t abide. They claim it’s the heavy hand of big government they fear, but in truth their opposition  is all about  imposing a delusional, fundamentalist Christian worldview on impressionable kids. Alabama appears poised to opt out of Common […]

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How to neuter rage

A few years ago I witnessed a meltdown, and I saw myself. That was me, sitting in traffic, screaming at no one in particular about something I couldn’t control. I decided to make a change. So now, whenever I’m stuck in one of Atlanta’s interminable clusterfucks, I don’t yell at the wind. I just talk […]

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You Know You’re NOT From The South … when you compile a lazy, offensive and clice-ridden list like this one. Let me set the record straight as native of the South. Most Southerners I know: Are embarrassed by the Confederate flag; Have never said “Bless your heart”; Don’t hunt; Aren’t lazy; Have never owned a […]

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