Noted and quoted, Manbearpig edition

ManbearpigNo matter what you think of Al Gore’s views (I suspect he’s more right than wrong, but prone to alarmist hyperbole), British journalist Mark Simpson nails the former veep’s biggest flaw:

It isn’t Gore’s vanity that is so impossible to stomach – it’s his total inability to own it. His vanity is the vanity of the ‘humble preacher’ – the deadliest vanity of all.

The most backward state in Dixie?

Watch out, Alabama! Georgia’s gunning for you.

While Florida and South Carolina have moved to address global warming, Georgia is seeking to discredit it.

“In the media, we hear the gloom and doom side,” said Rep. Jeff Lewis (R-White), chairman of the House Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee that held the hearing. “There is alternative information out there.”

You know, like the information disseminated by energy, utility and telecommunication companies.

The hearing was followed by a lunch for lawmakers, sponsored by Georgia Natural Gas and AT&T.

John Mayer: changing the world one uninspiring guitar riff at a time

I can’t figure out John Mayer‘s success. He’s on the cover of TIME magazine, appears onstage with The Police, is routinely shadowed by paparazzi — and for what? Making music for the Applebee’s crowd?

Mayer appeared at last weekend’s Live Earth festival and, as he wrote on his blog, the former Atlantan was geared for a revolution:

Johnmayer1sizedWith this kind of lineup, there’s no cause or crisis that wouldn’t be positively affected by an event of this scope. Live Earth isn’t a  show – it’s a showing, a presentation of an idea. Artists like us don’t just get together to each play 20 minute sets every weekend, you know. We’re also usually pretty sensitive about the order in which we take the stage, and I’ve got no problems with my 5:12 PM set time. The Police, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and yes, myself and my dumb face are all openers for the true headliner – the power to literally change the world’s mind. The star of the night is an idea, and all eyes will be on it.

And a soft-rock crooner shall lead them.

What have we done to deserve them?

"I’ve always been against the idea of rock stars lecturing people as if they know something the rest of us don’t – it looks arrogant.

"It’s not as if they have a private source of information. To state the obvious as if you are the only person that knows it is intellectually weak."

–Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant, speaking out against this summer’s Live Earth concerts, headlined by Madonna.

Living with Laurie David

The fun never ends:

We hope that by the time you read this, the solutions to global warming will be well under way. You already know from living with us, how concerned we are about this problem. Sometimes, we go over board with our reactions to everyday annoyances like over -packaged products, leaving lights on in the room, taking too long a shower or leaving your chargers in the wall. We embarrass you when we glare at hummer drivers and or get emotional when we talk about drowning polar bears.