Geeks have sex, too

Venture over to the casual encounters section of Craigslist for the kinkier side of Dragon Con. A more complete preview to come once I adjourn to my home computer, as some of these ads are bit blue — and I’m not talking the Na’vi. Attractive professional guy in town Thursday thru Monday for Dragon*Con (dragoncon) […]

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Worst trend ever

Learn The Bachelorette Flash Mob Dance! Wanna play a cruel trick on yours truly? Set me up with a flash mob enthusiast. Speaking of, is this not the most annoying commercial ever? Braves fans like myself are subjected to it a good 20 times a night — bad enough we have to endure Chip Caray.

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A douchebag geek hippie responds

(via Andrew Sullivan) Being a geek, I will close this by invoking the Silmarillion: Morgoth destroyed the Two Trees and provoked the Noldor into atrocities and self-destruction. Yet even after he was thrust through the Door of Night and into the Timeless Void, the seeds of evil that he planted remained to bear dark fruit […]

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Dragon*Con love connection

Geeks are getting kinky (shudder): Sep 5 – Dragon Con Guy Wants Super Hero to Push Him Around – m4w – 35 – (Dragon Con) Sep 4 – Dragon Con – Alien vs Predator Interstellar Swinger Party – (Dragon Con – Sheraton) Aug 10 – Nudist gathering at Dragon Con – m4w – 41 – […]

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Here come the nerds!

Homer Simpson: As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time Downtown will be crawling with them this weekend for DragonCon. I forecast their ascension in this column that appeared in the AJC on 12/29/03: Remember the Star Trek juror, the Arkansas woman who wore a Starfleet uniform during the Whitewater […]

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Guest list for ‘Match Game’ revival coming to town

Rene Auberjonois (”Deep Space Nine,” “Boston Legal” “Benson”) LeVar Burton (”Star Trek: The Next Generation”) Linda Hamilton (”Terminator” films) Richard Hatch (the original “Battlestar Galactica” and 22 episodes of the new one) Kelly LeBrock (”The Woman in Red,” “Weird Science”) Edward James Olmos (”Miami Vice,” updated “Battlestar Galactica”) Luke Perry (the film version of “Buffy […]

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“Avatar” has set a box office record, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Sci-fi geeks have taken over the culture, as I warned in a 2003 editorial for the AJC. On TV, “Jersey Shore” is all the rage. Who would’ve thought Jersey caricatures would be such a hit? Ahem. As for columnist Nikki Finke’s absurd trademark […]

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