still sleazy after all these years

How does it feel knowing that your wife was raped before she was murdered?

How does it feel knowing that your wife was raped before she was murdered?

Don’t ask my why I was watching “Geraldo” at 4 a.m. It was a mistake.

During an interview of the stepfather of the California kidnapping victim, Geraldo offered that her abductor had “probably been messing around with her since she was 11, 12 …”

I’m sure the victim’s stepfather appreciated the reminder.

blame the media, facts be damned

Scott Henry’s post on Fresh Loaf, “Clearing up confusion over Standard murder” clears up nothing. His only source is the cop who fed reporters misinformation regarding the details of John Henderson’s murder.

Based on that, and his own assumptions, Henry concludes “the press snafu over the Henderson murder was brought about by a combination of vague, inconclusive information offered by the police and a competitive news environment in which reporters race to make their stories as definitive as possible — often before all the facts are nailed down.”

Read Tim Eberly’s initial account of the murders — all the details are attributed to the cops. When Tim found out the facts were erroneous, he reported it before anyone else.

Scott Henry infers that the AJC’s reporting was sloppy, though he never bothered to contact the reporter. And for this he’s lauded by commenters on the Fresh Loaf blog and other sites for setting the record straight.

Reaching a conclusion based on the comments of one already discredited source hardly qualifies as “good journalism.”