It begins

Oh, how I’ve dreaded this day, among the most holy on the hipster calendar.  It’s Christmas morning for Europhiles, who, as I write this, are summoning every ounce of faux passion within their eager-to-please-the-right-people beings in preparation for Day 1 of the World Cup. They’ll act like they’ve been waiting their whole lives for this […]

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Starfucking du jour

From Grantland’s conversation about “Edge of Tomorrow”: We needed this movie from Tom Cruise. And Tom Cruise desperately needed to give it to us. … Not like it’s a new feeling, but there’s always something a little disorienting about Cruise box-office disappointment. Other actors haveinfluence in American culture. Tom Cruise essentially is his influence in American culture. He’s […]

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The GOP war on science, Exodus edition

Via Politico: Under the new plank, the Texas GOP recognizes “the legitimacy and efficacy of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle.” The American Psychological Association and other major health organizations have condemned such counseling, which generally try to change a person’s sexual orientation […]

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The Lamest Generation

In case you wondered who the most fragile “T-slur” is, its name is Hex and it lives in Chicago. That sentence may or may not have contained multiple slurs. “That was one of the most hurtful parts,” Hex said, explaining the perceived insult was that Cox used the slur to refer to the group of […]

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H20 has feelings, too

Just got my Goop newsletter, featuring more fascinating musings by Gwyneth “War is Hell” Paltrow: I am fascinated by the growing science behind the energy of consciousness and its effects on matter. I have long had Dr. Emoto’s coffee table book on how negativity changes the structure of water, how the molecules behave differently depending […]

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‘Resentful white reactionary’ likely headed to U.S. Senate

It should come as no surprise he hails from Mississippi (and was endorsed by Sarah Palin). From The New Republic: Republicans and movement conservatives take great umbrage at any suggestion that the party’s electoral coalition includes a troublingly influential faction of resentful white reactionaries. They may often lie dormant, but McDaniel’s likely victory is their […]

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Voice of a generation

I started following @Suey_Park (the genius behind the #CancelColbert crusade) and she doesn’t disappoint. I get most sad when I replay good memories in my head, so I do this thing where I try to cancel them out by remembering all the bad things, — Suey Park (@suey_park) June 1, 2014

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The Grand Old Tea Party

The roster of speakers at this weekend’s Republican Leadership Conference makes it clear who’s winning the battle for the heart of the GOP. Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family and star of the series “Duck Dynasty,” will address the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference, Thursday May 29th at 6pm. Also speaking on Thursday evening are […]

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Hashtaggery has become just another outlet for America’s cult of victimhood. #YesAllWomen is just the latest response to the shootings at UCSB, . I say this not as someone who believes racism and sexism have been eradicated, but rather as a non-acronymed individual who tries to maintain some context. I’m gay, and was once assaulted […]

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Joe the Asshole

When last we heard from conservative folk hero Joe the Plumber, he was advocating the need for a white Republican president. In his latest bromide, Joe the Amateur Nihilist — mimicking what Gawker correctly identifies as the right’s move toward “antipathy for anything but the self” — sounds off on the sacrosanct Second Amendment in […]

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