No more excuses

Atlanta has some of the worst surface streets in the nation (along with its unsynchronized traffic lights), creating an urban clusterfuck with few peers.

If city leaders are ever going to fix them, now’s the time. Don’t hold your breath.

Under the new law, the Georgia Department of Transportation will receive at least $2 billion. The state can use the money for infrastructure maintenance, which includes roads and transit.


Won’t someone please think about the helpless little brats?

Atlanta City Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd, who is co-sponsoring a ban on smoking in public parks, said she was swayed to push the legislation after noticing “widespread smoking” during the Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park, among other locales.

“I’m amazed that people will smoke around children and not think twice about it.”

I’m amazed that parents would bring their children to the jazz festival and ruin it for all the adults. If you don’t want your children around smokers don’t take them to concerts or bars. Is there anywhere consenting adults can go without being subjected to a nanny state where the kids are in charge?