Grifters never change (cont’d)

First came the kickbacks. Now, the patronage. Gov. Nathan Deal’s choice to be the state’s mental health ombudsman is dating the governor’s chief spokesman and was chosen without following procedures outlined in state law, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. Deal named Corinna Magelund to the position earlier this month at a salary $25,000 above what her […]

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Kucinich the shameless stooge

There’s no rationalizing the Ohio congressman’s spirited defense of dictator Bashar al-Assad who, according to Kucinich, is “highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians.” Nearly 1,000 Syrians killed by al-Assad’s thugs in a little more than two months of opposition protests beg to differ.

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Immoral equivalence

Comparing gay marriage advocates to the likes of Bull Connor and Kim Jong-il reaffirms a time-tested maxim: The greater the hyperbole, the weaker the rebuttal. It doesn’t get any weaker than these dispatches from World Net Falwell National Review Online. To dismiss the N. Korea analogy as beyond the pale is to deny the rational […]

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Corporate-speak, FTW

Overheard (second-hand, thank God) at a international conglomerate’s mobile summit: “We are curating serendipity.” So they’re overseeing or organizing fortunate discoveries by accident? Unfortunately, he wasn’t laughed out of the room. Also, authenticity is the new buzzword, apparently, replacing pivot. So now you know. (FTW = For the win, I’m told.)

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