I’ll never understand artists who suck up to Communists. [Pianist] Lang [Liang] played a Chinese household song called “My Motherland” at the function to welcome President Hu Jintao. It was the theme music of a 1956 movie named Shangganling Battle, which depicted the fighting of Chinese troops against US troops during the Korean War (1950-53). […]

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The first Phil Collins Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Lameness goes to …

Overrated “bromance” auteur Judd Apatow, for defending Tim Allen from mean ol’ Ricky Gervais. Apatow’s reasoning is even lamer than the former “Home Improvement” star: “Tim Allen did 200 episodes of Home Improvement. He was in three of the highest-grossing movies of all-time. And his latest [Toy Story 3] just crossed the one billion mark. […]

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The courage of a 9 yo

Ronald McNair, killed in the Challenger explosion 25 years ago, would merit remembrance had he never become an astronaut. In 1959, when McNair was just nine years old, he famously made a scene at the Lake City Public Library. Residents stared the African American boy down and watched as he walked to the main counter […]

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The Cynthia McKinneys of the right

(Some) Republicans recognize the callowness of Bachmann Palin Overdrive but are scared to say so publicly, lest they attract the wrath of their groupies. When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo […]

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Is Rush Limbaugh a racist?

“First they came for Rush Limbaugh and called his satire racist, and I didn’t speak out because Rush Limbaugh is a conservative,” a Breitbart blogger opines. “Then they came for Dr. Laura and called her commentary racist, and I didn’t speak out because Dr. Laura is a conservative…“ I’ll gladly speak out, though I’m not […]

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