right-wing hysteria du jour

*From a NewsMax blogger: “There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.” John Perry says he doesn’t advocate a coup, yet goes on to make the case. *Arizona congressman Trent Franks, speaking to the “How to Take Back […]

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a sad day in atlanta history

(Thanks to Thomas for this fantastic find) The 1996 Olympics were fun while they lasted, but things went downhill from the moment corrupt fascist facilitator Juan Antonio Samranch labeled the Atlanta games “most exceptional” (instead of the customary “best Olympics ever”). Atlanta’s transformation into a bland, overcommercialized metropolis didn’t start in 1996, but the Olympics […]

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atlmalcontent’s all-overrated list

1. “The Office,” American version; 2. Steve Carrell. Meh; 3. “Juno”; 4. Barack Obama. Guess what? He’s a politician; 5. Coldplay; 6. Kanye West; 7. “American Beauty”; 8. Anyone and everything from Boston; 9. Football (NFL and college); 10. Atlanta. Sorry to say; 11. Alleged feminist intellect Naomi Wolf; 12. U2; 13. The Olympics (summer […]

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tonight’s reading assignment

So completely had Johnson cut himself off from his family and friends that Brevard police would search for five days for someone to claim his body. Well-observed details make Steve Hummer’s account of the tragic life and death of Randy Johnson, Atlanta’s first quarterback, worth your time.

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