overscene at pride

A very angry middle-aged man in a late 90’s Cadillac, circling Piedmont Park and bellowing into a megaphone, “Your lifestyle is repugnant to me!” Sounded like someone from Buffalo or parts nearby.

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the blogosphere says what returns

First of all, I lost my job as diversity coordinator at Diversity Today, the magazine for professionals in the diversity field. It was so unfair. No one’s been hit harder by this stupid recession than me! Fortunately, I’ve been able to make a living as a plaintiff in various class action lawsuits, including the one […]

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on the other hand

If the U.S. pulls of of Afghanistan that country will be forever ruled by outlaws. Who will intercede next time around? Certainly not Russia or the United States. Worse, Afghan women will be doomed to slavery.

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out of afghanistan

The imagery is horrible. The heroin kingpin brother of the crooked Afghan president is apparently on the C.I.A. payroll. It’s becoming clear that we have no idea what to do in this part of the world. Stop digging the tires, even though it shames the U.S. Sometimes it’s best to admit defeat.

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