Mitt Romney Is the Bestest Candidate Ever, Gosh Darnit! isn’t subtle about its adultation for The Anchorman. Hugh Hewitt is their lead cheerleader (he loved Romney on "Meet The Press" today, natch); now Kevin McCullough joins the circle jerk:

Reading Hugh Hewitt’s book, A Mormon in the White House, (something most Romney critics haven’t done) brought to me to see a side of this executive that few could see in news stories. He IS a problem solving wizkid.

But none of those little peeks into his life really compared to the man I feel like we’ve had the chance to come to know in recent months. His love for HIS family permeates his desire to help other families. His willingness to say publicly, "I had gotten it wrong on abortion," takes an understanding of one’s self that few are ever able to admit. His brainiac strategy to win the nomination has been the best laid strategy of any of the candidates.

The times I have spoken with him in person and by phone for my show – gave me the raw in-your-gut feeling that this man is as genuine as he is smart.