Republicans Boo Retired General

Sloppy vetting, at best, by CNN, which allowed an alleged Hillary plant to grill candidates at Wednesday’s GOP debate.

Missed among the ensuing furor was the spectacle of flag-waving, Lee Greenwood-loving Republicans booing a retired general. Keep in mind they had no idea he was a Hillbot supporter at the time. They just didn’t like his question (about gays in the military). So instead of giving him the proper respect, they responded in a way that, if it had happened at a Democratic debate, would’ve made Sean Hannity’s head explode.

Republicans brag about supporting our men and women in uniform, but only if they follow the GOP establishment’s template. Note the thinly veiled contempt most conservatives hold towards John McCain, the only veteran on the stage Wednesday night.

“What Happened to All the Monks?”

Remember Burma? Remember those two days when the media actually paid attention to a story outside of the U.S. or Iraq?

What have they (we) missed? At best, a forced displacement:

Thousands of Buddhist monks, a fixture in Myanmar’s monasteries and temples, have vanished in the wake of the September crackdown by the military junta.

A report in the Dec. 3 issue of Newsweek says the few foreigners, who managed to visit the country since September, have noted how empty these places look in cities like Yangon, formerly Rangoon, and Mandalay.


The Petty Queer Establishment, fronted by the Human Rights Campaign, is in the tank for Hillbot. I’m not surprised, then, that a poll of LGB voters — commissioned by the HRC — finds the other HRC in the lead. (Acronym overload!!!)

But by a 3-to-1 margin? Is the queer electorate really that brainwashed?

Maybe not. The poll is a joke, with bisexuals accounting for 48.9 percent of the sample. That’s hardly representative, and hardly believable. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met who identify as bi.

Of course all that matters to the HRC is that their candidate comes out ahead. Gay voters, not so much.

There’s other troubling results in this poll. The most important issue to respondents? Lesbian, gay and bisexual (or should I say, bisexual, gay and lesbian) rights. While relevant, I hardly think gay marriage trumps terrorism, the environment or spending.

11/28: ATLmalcontent Says Something Nice About The Anchorman

Barely endured tonight’s GOP debate, so forgive the kind words for my least favorite Republican candidate. I’m certain it won’t happen again.

When asked by some redneck whether it’s appropriate to fly the Stars and Bars, Romney — after intially ducking — somehow managed to sprout a very small pair (well-concealed by his Mormon underwear). The Confederate flag is a divisive symbol, and, like Mitt, I’m glad it’s become largely irrelevant. For once, we agree.   


That being said — don’t fuck with McCain on torture, pretty boy. (Is waterboarding considered torture if Romney’s hair remains in place?) And watching his feeble attempt to not answer the gays in the military question reminded me of a certain Miss South Carolina. Though to hear slot boy William Bennett’s analysis, The Anchorman was the clear victor. Republicans really want to like this guy — if he was a Methodist, the race would be over. Thank God he’s not a Methodist.

Some other observations …

*Telling, isn’t it, that Mike Huckabee was put on the defensive about his support of a program that provided financial assistance to illegal aliens seeking a college education;

*What is it about politicians from Hope, Ark.? They sure know how to work a room. Huckabee may be a Bible thumper, but he’s clever. And unlike that other Arkansas governor, I think he’s genuine. I just don’t want him to be president;

*McCain again came off as the only adult in the room; that’ll hurt him within the party of Coulter and Hannity. Yet he’s holding steady while Thompson drops and Huckabee rises. Perhaps it’s the angel dust talking, but I wouldn’t be shocked if McCain and Huckabee end up as the last Republicans standing. Rudy and Romney might very well destroy each other;

*Finally — and this has nothing to do with aesthetics — but Anderson Cooper is damn good at his job. I’m not going to compare him to Brinkley or Cronkite, but I’ll take him over Couric or Brian Williams any day.